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isCOBOL Enterprise Information System
Veryant is pleased to announce the latest release of isCOBOL Evolve, isCOBOL Evolve 2014 R1. It includes a new product named isCOBOL EIS (Enterprise Information System), several enhancements to the isCOBOL IDE and the Utilities and several optimizations in the isCOBOL Server product; isCOBOL 2014 R1 also includes many Debugger improvements, and other new features
29 Aug 2014
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Press Releases and Announcements
1 July 2014 Veryant Opens New Office in Germany
14 Nov 2013 Veryant Opens New Office in San Diego, CA
29 Oct 2013 More than three million of pensions and mortgages customers are handled by Veryant's tecnologies
20 Oct 2013 Latest isCOBOL release enhances framework performance, IDE productivity and more...
09 Apr 2013 Veryant Introduces new Product for Mobile development
21 Dec 2012 Veryant Extends isCOBOL Technology in Portugal
01 Dec 2012 isCOBOL Evolve 2012 Release 2 (R2)
01 Jul 2012 isCOBOL Evolve 2012 Release 1 (R1)
02 Apr 2012 Veryant Announces new COBOL training class
13 Feb 2012 Interamerican Insurance Selects Veryant and Clerity for IT Modernization
19 Dec 2011 Veryant Introduces New Offerings for COBOL Modernization
21 Nov 2011 Starsoft Develops Cross-Platform Applications with Veryant isCOBOL
15 Nov 2011 New Veryant Software Release Accelerates COBOL Conversion
19 Sep 2011 Veryant Webinar: Migrating from ACUCOBOL-GT to isCOBOL
15 Aug 2011 Veryant's COBOL Technology Improves Thin Client Performance and Portability
08 Jun 2011 vCOBOL Reaches into the Cloud for HP Converged Infrastructure Ready Certification
11 Apr 2011 New version of isCOBOL enhances GUI development and maximizes value of existing IT resources
21 Mar 2011 Veryant makes platform-independent ERP software a reality for Rech Informática
01 Dec 2010 isCOBOL APS 2010 Release 3 now available
15 Nov 2010 Veryant Introduces isCOBOL for HP OpenVMS Systems
11 Oct 2010 ANVA Selects Veryant to Lower COBOL Costs and Modernize Applications
13 Sep 2010 Veryant Preserves Legacy COBOL Applications with Modern Java Technology for Trusted ERP Supplier
23 Aug 2010 Veryant Helps Transform COBOL Investments into Strategic Assets - isCOBOL 2010 R2 Now Available
12 Jul 2010 Veryant Helps InfoTrax Modernize Sales Support Applications
14 Jun 2010 Veryant isCOBOL is Compatible with Windows 7
20 May 2010 BluePhoenix to Resell Veryant's isCOBOL Technology
19 Apr 2010 isCOBOL APS 2010 R1 Release Now Available
21 Dec 2009 Veryant Enhances "Anytime, Anywhere" COBOL Delivery Platform
02 Dec 2009 i-Modulas Modernizes ERP Software with Veryant's isCOBOL
16 Nov 2009 Veryant’s isCOBOL Offers Java with COBOL for Sintecop
10 Nov 2009 Veryant Demonstrates How to Develop Modern COBOL GUIs
02 Nov 2009 Veryant Executive to Speak on COBOL Modernization
28 Sep 2009 Veryant and Clerity Complete Swift Mainframe Migration for Global Shipping Leader
21 Sep 2009 Veryant introduces two new COBOL modernization products with its isCOBOL APS 2009 SP1 release
17 Aug 2009 Veryant Webinar Series in Spanish Shows How to Integrate COBOL and Java Applications
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10 Jan 2012 The future of COBOL: Why it won't go away soon
12 Aug 2011 Modernizing Veryant COBOL, From Back-End To GUI
24 Jan 2011 Application Development: Modernizing COBOL Apps: 10 Reasons Why It's Important
07 May 2010 "Joining COBOL & Java" - Veryant's isCOBOL Helps Pizzeria Deliver Updated Point-Of-Sale Systems
28 Apr 2010 Platform for COBOL and Java Integration Gets Upgrade, Adds Eclipse Support
21 Dec 2009 Veryant Updates isCOBOL Application Platform Suite
    Nov 2009 Veryant's isCOBOL Provides Java With COBOL for Sintecop
23 Oct 2009 Veryant Ships COBOL Products for Cloud, Modernization
21 Sep 2009 Veryant modernizes COBOL code for Web 2.0
26 May 2009 Veryant Supports DB2/400 with COBOL-Java IDE
24 Dec 2008 Cobol 'Eclipse'd, Government Computing News Article
18 Sep 2008 Is Your Next Language COBOL? Dr. Dobb's Featured Article
14 Jul 2008 DBTA 5 Minute Briefing: Data Center Veryant Announces Suite with Advances in Thin Client and Rich GUI Capabilities
08 Jul 2008 Real Software, Veryant bolster dev tools
07 Jul 2008 COBOL: Don’t Call it a Comeback
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Veryant's isCOBOL technology opens new markets for us because of its pure Java deployment model and the foreign language localization capabilities. It makes us more competitive and will help expand our business.
Larry Turley, president, RTA

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