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Veryant Demonstrates How to Develop Modern COBOL GUIs
Quickly Deliver User-Friendly, Modern Graphical User Interfaces with isCOBOL

November 10, 2009 - Veryant, the COBOL and Java technology innovator, will present a Webinar to show how companies can easily update valuable COBOL applications by developing modern and intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The Webinar can be accessed at http://www.veryant.com/idewebinar. It is a 40-minute session that will show attendees how to:
  • quickly build a modern GUI interface for COBOL applications
  • add advanced graphical controls such as a Web browser insert to further enhance the end user experience
  • take advantage of the modern, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) to improve productivity and application source code maintainability
COBOL has had the unfortunate reputation of being outdated technology because the user interfaces associated with COBOL applications often lack the intuitive feel, graphical design elements, interactivity, and portability that today's "Web 2.0" users have come to expect. Traditional COBOL development environments do not offer the tools needed to update the user interface of existing legacy systems in a COBOL friendly fashion. Such limitations forced companies to live with outmoded systems or to reach out to other programming languages and external expertise in order to bring their application GUI in line with today’s demands.

Veryant offers a Java-based solution to these challenges with the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite. isCOBOL technology lets developers put a fresh face on existing applications without the need to learn a different programming language or hire new personnel. It has been used by companies around the globe to build or modernize user interfaces and deploy an updated look and feel across a variety of platforms. isCOBOL APS doesn’t limit deployment of modern user interfaces to one platform, such as Windows. Unlike alternative COBOL providers, Veryant supports the deployment of updated GUIs across any platform supporting the Java Virtual Machine.
Click here to view this Webinar from Veryant.
Sue Myers
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A smooth transition path, in addition to competitive pricing, was paramount in our decision to move to isCOBOL APS. Given the high degree of compatibility between isCOBOL APS and ACUCOBOL-GT our programming practices and codebase was kept intact as well.
Rolf Ahlrichs, programmer, HAY Computing

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