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Veryant and Clerity Complete Swift Mainframe Migration for Global Shipping Leader
Proven isCOBOL and UniKix Technologies Provide Agile, Cost-Effective Future

September 28, 2009 - Veryant, the COBOL and Java technology innovator, and Clerity, a full-service provider of mainframe migration and modernization solutions, today said they have completed a mainframe migration project for one of the leading international express shipping companies. Moving vital software applications from a mainframe to open systems, yet preserving COBOL assets, has significantly reduced the company's annual software maintenance fees and enabled the company to avoid a costly mainframe lease renewal.

After replacing the majority of its mainframe applications with packaged applications, this shipping leader was left with a final, yet valuable, workload on its IBM System z mainframe. Given the cost of continuing to run the mainframe for this single application or building a smaller mainframe environment to host the workload, the company opted instead to rehost its application to a more affordable open systems platform.

Clerity was selected to migrate the IBM z/OS based CICS, COBOL, Batch, Assembler, and DB2 application to a HP ProLiant server environment running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and UniKix mainframe rehosting software. COBOL and Assembler programs were moved to the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (APS) from Veryant, while DB2 was migrated to Oracle Database. The entire implementation, from initial assessment to user acceptance testing and production cutover, was completed in less than three months.

“This engagement is testimony to our robust, mainframe-compatible rehosting technology and sound migration solution practice,” said Brandon Edenfield, president of Clerity. “Three months is not a typical project duration, but Clerity's unique combination of software, tools and services help shops of all sizes lower annual operating costs and implement optimized environments for the ongoing evolution of legacy assets.”

UniKix mainframe rehosting software provides a mission-critical environment for deploying mainframe applications and data on open systems. By leveraging existing programs, skill sets and data investments, Clerity's UniKix software reduces IT costs and optimizes legacy investments without sacrificing current functionality or introducing risk into the migration process.

In addition to enabling the shipping leader to retire its mainframe, this project marks the first production implementation of isCOBOL APS with UniKix technology. An affordable alternative to Micro Focus COBOL, Veryant's isCOBOL software lets enterprises retain and enhance valuable application assets by blending COBOL with the openness and portability of the Java platform.

“Businesses today are looking to gain greater value and flexibility from their existing application investments,” said Alfredo Iglesias, vice president at Veryant. “Veryant is pleased to provide a compelling COBOL compiler alternative that meets the cost reduction and availability requirements of customers engaged in mainframe migration and modernization initiatives.”

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Veryant is pleased to provide a compelling COBOL compiler alternative that meets the cost reduction and availability requirements of customers engaged in mainframe migration and modernization initiatives.
Alfredo Iglesias, vice president, Veryant

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