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Optimize IT resources, improve business performance, and dramatically lower cost

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Veryant delivers COBOL development, maintenance and modernization technology that optimizes IT resources, improves business performance, and dramatically lowers cost. Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA, migrating from mainframes to open systems, or improving quality and distribution processes, Veryant's innovative software increases business productivity.

isCOBOL Evolve

isCOBOL Evolve enables comprehensive, cost-effective development, deployment, maintenance and modernization of COBOL applications for organizations moving from open systems COBOL platforms such as Micro Focus® COBOL, ACUCOBOL-GT® and RM/COBOL®. By uniquely blending proven COBOL development with the unlimited potential of Java platform deployment, isCOBOL delivers true portability, easy extensibility and a clear path forward for business-critical applications.

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Whether you are evolving existing applications through SOA and Web services, migrating from mainframes to open systems, improving quality and distribution processes, or just looking to reduce cost, Veryant's innovative software offerings can enhance productivity and deliver improved business results.
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isCOBOL acts as a bridge between the old and new at Donatos, enabling us to minimize the impact of our migration to Java by allowing users to continue using a familiar application while providing the flexibility and freedom to execute a transition plan on the company's timetable.
Mike Born, software development manager, Donatos

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