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Bring COBOL code on mobile devices reusing the existing backend COBOL logic.

isCOBOL Mobile from Veryant, now available for Android compatible devices, provides a comprehensive, cost-effective COBOL solution for application development on mobile devices. Developers that are thinking to provide applications running on tablets and phones can take advange of this new add-on of isCOBOL Evolve suite for many reasons:
· To reuse the existing backend COBOL logic as well as sequential, relative and indexed files
· To be able to access COBOL logic as Webservice REST stateful
· To modernize applications approach providing access from tablets and smartphones
· To natively integrate HTML5/CSS3 technologies with COBOL
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· Runs natively on any Android compatible devices with Android 3.0 or greater
· The App developed with isCOBOL Mobile can run locally as well across internet
· The user interface (UI) is based on HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript
· Native access on Android OS to all features APIs based like PhoneBook, Location (GPS) or bluetooth
· Having COBOL Webservices available across internet, the UI can be rendered also on iOS based devices like iPhone and iPad

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isCOBOL: A powerful COBOL alternative

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