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COBOL product family datasheets

isCOBOL Evolve

Provides an overview of isCOBOL Evolve, a comprehensive and cost-effective COBOL development, deployment, maintenance, and modernization environment.
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Related COBOL product and service offerings


isCOBOL JISAM is a 100 percent Java-based indexed sequential access (ISAM) file system that runs on a wide range of platforms, from mainframes to handheld mobile devices.
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isCOBOL Enterprise Information System

Umbrella of tools and features for Web Applications to delivery the ability to build the next generation of commercial applications and services. It provides a state-of-the-art technology to develop modern applications based on the architecture, function and appearance of HTML5 and CSS3.
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c-treeRTG for COBOL

c-treeRTG for COBOL enables developers to add a flexible relational database system to existing COBOL ISAM files.
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Veryant ISV Program

This datasheet discusses Veryant's compelling offerings for ISVs looking to add innovation and lower cost.
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Veryant Customer Support

This datasheet discusses the various support options Veryant offers to isCOBOL Evolve customers.
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COBOL whitepapers and technical notes

Transitioning from Micro Focus COBOL to Veryant

This solution overview details the steps involved in migrating COBOL workloads from Micro Focus® Server Express™ or Micro Focus Net Express® COBOL to cost-effective and powerful Veryant alternatives.
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Migrating from ACUCOBOL to isCOBOL Evolve

This quick reference guide highlights the benefits of the isCOBOL platform, gives you advice on planning for the move from ACUCOBOL-GT to isCOBOL, and helps you understand similarities and differences between isCOBOL and ACUCOBOL.
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Cross-language Software Development with isCOBOL Evolve: The Java Programming Language

This whitepaper details the internal and interface designs of isCOBOL Evolve software that make it the ideal choice for rejuvenating existing COBOL programs by integrating and interoperating with applications and components written in the Java programming language and created for the Java platform.
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How do you take your Java?

This technical article examines some of the synergies that exist between isCOBOL and Java technology and includes a few examples to illustrate how COBOL and Java programmers can incorporate each other's technologies with the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite.
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Taking Your COBOL to the Web ‘Servlet-Style’

This technical article briefly examines some of the differences between using CGI and servlets to deploy COBOL applications to the Web and includes an example to illustrate how isCOBOL code can be deployed in a servlet environment.
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With isCOBOL we are able to offer SaaS without the difficult installation of proprietary and platform-specific client software. Veryant enables us to modernize our existing applications and our development suite at an affordable price point.
René van Oevelen, software architect, i-Modulas Software BV

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