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Veryant Webinar: Migrating from Micro Focus® ACUCOBOL-GT® to isCOBOL

This Webinar shows Micro Focus ACUCOBOL-GT users how to transition easily to isCOBOL Evolve, the most ACU-compatible COBOL available today.
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Select a topic below and view a recorded Webinar to learn more about various COBOL technologies from Veryant.

isCOBOL Introduction and Overview

Take Control of Your COBOL Assets
Concerned about lack of choice and cost control in the COBOL market? Listen in on a 60-minute webinar to learn more about isCOBOL technology and to discover how easy it is to move from COBOL platforms such as RM-COBOL and ACUCOBOL-GT to isCOBOL APS.
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Getting Started with isCOBOL for Developers
View this 20-minute technical demonstration and see a quick snapshot of the primary isCOBOL components, basic download and installation steps, and how to compile and debug your first isCOBOL program.
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Para ver la demostración en el Seminario Web hacer click aquí Spanish Language Version
Rejuvenate COBOL Applications and Reduce Costs – Move to isCOBOL
In this Webinar, COBOL veterans from Ron Turley Associates and The COBOL Group will join Veryant executives to discuss the process involved in moving to isCOBOL APS and the benefits this powerful, dynamic COBOL platform allows.
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In this Webinar, delivered in the Spanish language, the key benefits of isCOBOL software are introduced and several demonstrations are presented which illustrate how isCOBOL bridges the gap between COBOL and Java technology without rewriting source code.
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Data Access

Simplify and Expand COBOL Data Access
Interested in moving from ISAM to a RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2 or MySQL without changing COBOL source code or looking to simplify existing relational database access or distribute applications with a choice of database options? We invite you to listen to a recent Veryant Webinar which demonstrates the various data access and data migration options available with isCOBOL APS.
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Modernization, COBOL and Java Integration

COBOL Modernization - Bridging the COBOL to Java Divide
  • Add the power and flexibility of the Java platform to existing COBOL programs
  • Make COBOL investments easily accessible to the Java world.
Listen to this on demand Webinar to learn how Donatos used isCOBOL as a bridge between the old and the new, and gain valuable insight into how this powerful COBOL and Java technology platform can benefit your organization. Technical product demonstrations are also provided.
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isCOBOL IDE and GUI Applications
View this 40-minute on-demand Webinar and learn:
  • How to quickly build a modern GUI interface for COBOL applications
  • How to add advanced graphical controls such as a Web Browser insert to further enhance the end-user experience
  • How to leverage an Eclipse-based IDE to increase productivity
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Bring COBOL to the Cloud: isCOBOL Webinar
  • Enable the deployment of universal, zero client rich Internet applications (RIA) using standard COBOL screen sections and existing program procedure division and flow.
  • Implement a full-fledged RDBMS that runs on top of ISAM files with isCOBOL SQL Server to take advantage of new functionality that no other ISAM file system offers.
This Webinar presents information and options for companies interested in leveraging COBOL applications and data in Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, and other new distribution models.
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Web Enablement

Web Enable Your COBOL Assets - Introduction to isCOBOL Web Enablement Options
  • Deploying existing COBOL applications across the Web?
  • Developing new Web applications and user interfaces?
  • Exposing complex business logic and data through Web Services and SOA?
  • Interested in delivering "zero-client" COBOL solutions?
Looking for powerful ways to web enabled COBOL applications and data? Listen in on a 60-minute webinar to learn about isCOBOL technology and the numberous ways you can take isCOBOL applications to the Web.
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isCOBOL Server and Java Web Start - Technical Demonstrations
  • Want to learn how to "instantly" Web-enable COBOL programs through the pure Java thin client features of isCOBOL Server?
  • Interested launching COBOL programs from a Web browser without modifying application source code?
This 30-minute technical Webinar demonstrates how to quickly Web-enable COBOL programs with isCOBOL APS.
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ISV Benefits and Program Information

Universal COBOL Application Distribution on an Affordable Budget
  • Increase profit margins with affordable runtime licenses, and no extra fees for thin client deployments, platform changes, or ISAM file servers
  • Enable ubiquitous, 100 percent portable application access across any system that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) environment – from mainframes to mobile devices
  • Offer numerous, flexible options for modernizing the graphical look and feel of COBOL applications and enhance integration with SOA, Web and Java application environments
isCOBOL from Veryant enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to affordably deliver "anytime, anywhere" COBOL applications with updated interfaces and localized, native language support across today’s multitude of mobile devices.
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With isCOBOL we are able to offer SaaS without the difficult installation of proprietary and platform-specific client software. Veryant enables us to modernize our existing applications and our development suite at an affordable price point.
René van Oevelen, software architect, i-Modulas Software BV

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