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Customer Quotes

"isCOBOL will enable us to deliver an exciting, agile path forward for our key applications."
Gregorio Arroyo
President, AG Informática y Servicios
"By partnering with Veryant, we will eliminate the need to maintain multiple user interfaces for various distribution platforms and can more easily integrate with Java and other technologies to keep our applications fresh far into the future."
Roel Van Dijk
"Veryant's responsive support team and the high degree of compatibility between isCOBOL and ACUCOBOL-GT made for a seamless transition. Deploying with isCOBOL means we are now able to offer an identical GUI interface to all of our customers, regardless of their deployment platform of choice."
Ryan Hawkins
Vice President, Classic Software
"Veryant provides a solid COBOL solution at an attractive price point. isCOBOLís ability to bridge together the worlds of COBOL and Java lowered the cost, risk, and complexity of our implementation."
Clovanir Josť Ehlers
IT Manager, Cooperativa A1
"The fact that isCOBOL actually compiles into Java has been an aid in the learning curve of that piece. If Iím trying to figure out something in Java, I can write a little routine in COBOL [and] compile it in isCOBOL, which then compiles it to Java, and I can look at it and kind of use that as a learning basis of what I need my Java application to do."
Mike Born
senior systems engineer, Donatos Pizzeria
"With isCOBOL, we have been able to rapidly introduce new features into our application without impacting our long-term investment in COBOL programmers and source code."
Mr. Giuliano Carnesecchi
CEO, GEA Soft srl
"A smooth transition path, in addition to competitive pricing, was paramount in our decision to move to isCOBOL. Given the high degree of compatibility between isCOBOL and ACUCOBOL-GT our programming practices and codebase was kept intact as well."
Mr. Rolf Ahlrichs
Programmer, HAY Computing
"With isCOBOL, there are many open possibilities for developing solutions using isCOBOL resources and the Java platform. Taking advantage of opportunities that until now, were not possible, ensures growth."
Sandro Silveira
Analyst, Rech Informática
"Veryant's isCOBOL technology opens new markets for us because of its pure Java deployment model and the foreign language localization capabilities. It makes us more competitive and will help expand our business."
Larry Turley
President, Ron Turley Associates
"Opening up our application to Java has proven easy, fast, and efficient with isCOBOL. We are now able to deliver powerful multi-platform user interfaces to our customers and have been extremely pleased by the talented, responsive team at Veryant."
Mr. Ugo Pagnini
CEO, Sintecop S.p.A.
"I love COBOL, it's my favorite language. I've been doing it since the age of 16. And I love being able to have that portability, that flexibility to take it to the GUI interface."
Mr. John Jackson
President, Softwrx
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With isCOBOL we are able to offer SaaS without the difficult installation of proprietary and platform-specific client software. Veryant enables us to modernize our existing applications and our development suite at an affordable price point.
René van Oevelen, software architect, i-Modulas Software BV

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