How do I set up c-tree client/server file access?

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Created on 2009-08-28 at 12:56 PM
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How do I set up c-tree for remote file access?


To use c-tree in client/server mode, you simply need to start ctsrvr on the server and then set the appropriate and ctree.conf settings on the client. 

Start ctsrvr on the server.

Test the server by running ctadmn from the same machine and use the following username/password: admin/ADMIN.

The isCOBOL Framework looks for the c-tree configuration between configuration properties if:

For example, use the following in

The isCOBOL Framework looks for c-tree configuration in the c-tree configuration file if:

For example, use the following in the ctree.conf:,,,0

Note that the ctree.conf file is the file specified in the CTREE_CONF environment variable, or the ctree.conf file in the current working directory, or /etc/ctree.conf, whichever is the first to exist. 

Replace above with your that will resolve from the client machine. To test this, you could "ping" from the client.

Note that the default server name is FAIRCOMS. You can change this with the SERVER_NAME variable in ctsrvr.cfg on the server.

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