Title: What are the steps to add an external tool or integrate a utility such as JDBC2FD into the isCOBOL IDE?
This is best illustrated with an example.

To integrate JDBC2FD into the isCOBOL IDE:
  1. Open "External Tools Configurations" (From the menubar select Run > External Tools > External Tools Configurations...)
  2. Create a new Configuration with name "jdbc2fd" (click on "Program" in the tree-view and then click the leftmost toolbar button)
  3. Set Location to "C:Program FilesVeryantisCOBOL2009binisrun.exe"
  4. Set Working Directory to "${workspace_loc:/ /cpy}" (Click on "Browse Workspace" and select the cpy folder)
  5. Set Arguments to "JDBC2FD"
  6. Click on the Refresh tab and check "Refresh resources upon completion"
  7. (optional) Click on the Build tab and uncheck "Build before launch"
  8. (optional) Click on the Common tab and put a checkmark in the box in "Display in favorites menu"
  9. "Apply" and close the window or "Run"
  10. Run the "jdbc2fd" configuration (Run - External Tools - jdbc2fd)

When the utility generates the copy files in the cpy folder specified as "Working Directory", they are automatically added to the workspace.

In the JDBC2FD utility you need to specify a driver and a connection URL. For example, to connect to Microsoft SQL Server you might use the following settings:

Driver: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
URL: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;user=myuser;password=mypassword;DatabaseName=mydatabase

The driver must be found in the class path. To add a directory to the class path for this tool:
  1. Edit the "jdbc2fd" external tool configuration
  2. Click on the Environment tab
  3. Click on the Select button
  4. Check CLASSPATH and click OK
  5. Select the CLASSPATH variable and click Edit...
  6. Add a semicolon followed by the directory at the end of the Value field
For example, to use the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver add the following to CLASSPATH:

;C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driversqljdbc_1.2enusqljdbc.jar
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