Title: Is isCOBOL backward compatible?

The isCOBOL runtime framework is backwards compatible with prior versions of isCOBOL.

This means that the latest version of isCOBOL can run COBOL programs compiled with an older version of isCOBOL.

Although it is not necessary, it is best to recompile programs with the latest version of isCOBOL in order to take advantage of compiler fixes and enhancements.

Upon attempting to execute or call a COBOL program compiled with a later version of isCOBOL, the isCOBOL runtime framework will terminate with an error message such as the following:

This object incompatible with this runtime version: rts=release 2010 R1 build#570.8-20100330-5301,obj=600.11

which means that the isCOBOL runtime framework is release 2010 R1 build #570.8, but the COBOL program was compiled with build 600.11 (i.e. obj=600.11)

There are 2 ways to resolve this problem:

  1. Compile the program with the 2010 R1 release build 570.8 or earlier or
  2. Run the program with isCOBOL runtime framework build 600.11 or later
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