Title: iscobol.font.default and DEFAULT-FONT

Here is a description of the difference in behavior between previous isCOBOL releases and 2010 R3:

In releases prior to 2010 R3 the iscobol.font.default property was always ignored, and DEFAULT-FONT in the program would use the value of iscobol.font.medium, if set.

In 2010 R3 the logic is as follows:

When a program requests DEFAULT-FONT...

  1. Use the value of iscobol.font.default if it is set
  2. If iscobol.font.default is not set then use the value of iscobol.font.medium if it is set
  3. If neither iscobol.font.default nor iscobol.font.medium are set then use SansSerif 9 pt bold

Tip: if you experience problems with font sizes, make sure that there are no characters after the font size in the property value. For example,

iscobol.font.default=Arial-10 | don't put a comment here

instead, put comments on separate lines starting with a # character:

# this is a nice comment

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