Title: How do I print to a spooler in Unix?

Currently, under ACUCOBOL, I open a disk file using a working storage variable name. That variable holds a generic name which can be found in the configuration file. That generic name translates into a spooler command. (e.g. "PRINTERHP –P lp –s –oraw –dhplaser").

I found a reference to using “-P SPOOLER”. But that’s about it. And nothing about filename expansion as ACUCOBOL did it. Do I have to accept from environment and change the variable myself? I can do that, I just want to know if I need to. And do I really need to change from "SELECT … FROM DISK" to "SELECT … FROM PRINT"? I think I changed that in the first place because of the need to use the WITH NO CONTROL phrase, and I didn't want extra characters (CR or LF or FF) to be sent without my program's control.


Accessing printers on a Linux machine works the same in isCOBOL as in ACUCOBOL-GT.

You need to set the following variable in order to enable file name translation using environment variables:


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