Title: Does isCOBOL have a utility to migrate Vision files to MS-SQL and PostgreSQL ?

The answer is yes.

isCOBOL provides a utility named ISMIGRATE which can migrate data between supported ISAM indexed file systems and relational databases. Veryant supports access to Vision files through an interface which uses a licensed copy of ACUCOBOL-GT. And the Veryant ESQL Generator product supports all databases which supply an ODBC or JDBC driver including but not limited to MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and DB2.

So as long as you have licensed copies of ACUCOBOL-GT, isCOBOL and Veryant ESQL Generator, you can migrate between Vision and MS-SQL or PostgreSQL.

Note that the data will appear in the database using a similar naming and formatting to that specified in the file's FD. This naming and formatting can be adjusted through EFD directives (or Acu4GL XFD directives) inserted into the FD as comments. For more information, see the EFD directives, and Veryant ESQL Generator documentation in the isCOBOL documentation set.

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