Title: Does isCOBOL support traditional Printer Reporting?

The more traditional and generic printer reporting is the ability to define an output file that directs its output to a printer or spooler and be able to OPEN OUTPUT the file to start the report and print header and detail text through standard WRITE statements (including the ability to advance lines and pages).
This is fully supported.

There is also a library routine, WIN$PRINTER, that contains several functions to allow you to print nice graphical reports including graphical drawings (lines, rectangles, etc.), bitmaps, fonts, colors, etc.
You can also use WIN$PRINTER to setup the printers you are going to use and direct the output not only to the spooler but also to a built-in preview function or to generate PDF documents.

Additionally, there is an IBM reporting syntax that is supported by isCOBOL. Please contact Veryant support to get more detailed information about this specific type of reporting.

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