Title: Does isCOBOL support Crystal Reports or other Report Writers?

isCOBOL does not have direct communication with Crystal Reports other than executing any Crystal Reports executable with a CALL “C$SYSTEM” (or similar library routine) and using text or comma delimited files to pass information on a very basic level.

On the other hand, depending on the ISAM format decided to use with isCOBOL (there are several options) it is possible to access information via JDBC and/or ODBC directly from Crystal Reports and further more this become even easier if you decide to use an RDBMS to store the data (access to RDBMS is further explained on isCOBOL documentation and specific KB articles).

And last but not least, several of our customers choose Jasper Reports, a Java based Report Writer to design their reports and there is a good level of interaction between isCOBOL and Jasper Reports.

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