Title: Can isCOBOL access Oracle, MS SQL and other RDBMS?

isCOBOL has no problem at all to access any RDBMS like MS SQL, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. As far as the RDBMS provider includes a JDBC driver (all of the mentioned before have one) it is completely feasible to access them using ESQL. If the customer decides not to use ESQL but rather use a pre-compiler for the RDBMS access it is also supported.

Finally there is an isCOBOL ESQL Bridge product that facilitates the access to any RDBMS by generating ESQL bridge programs including all the necessary ESQL while the original programs remain using the standard I/O stmts to access the files (tables). By using this product you do not have to change anything on your programs, but only follow a few steps to generate the ESQL bridge programs and setup a set of runtime configuration properties to let the isCOBOL runtime framework know that you will be actually accessing an RDBMS, while the original programs still “believe” they are accessing a COBOL ISAM file.

See isCOBOL Documentation for further details on this topic

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