Title: Can isCOBOL access Oracle, MS SQL and other RDBMS?

isCOBOL has several options to access any RDBMS like MS SQL, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and any other RDBMS that provides a JDBC driver.

You can access these databases with ESQL. The isCOBOL runtime comes with a robust SQL processor. If you chose to use a pre-compiler instead of ESQL, the isCOBOL runtime handles that seamlessly as well.

If you don't want to use ESQL or a pre-compiler, a third option is isCOBOL's Database Bridge, or EasyDB, product. This option lets you keep and develop your programs' COBOL File I/O, and automatically generate a bridge program converting the File I/O statements to ESQL using the Database Bridge. With a few configuration variables, the COBOL program acts like it's accessing a regular COBOL ISAM file, while the runtime actually accesses your database.

See isCOBOL Documentation for further details on this topic

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