Title: What are the key technical advantages of isCOBOL?
What differentiates isCOBOL from other COBOLs?
What makes isCOBOL better?

Key Technical Differentiators
Below are what we think are the 5 key differentiators that set isCOBOL technology apart from the competition. Click here to view the full isCOBOL APS Technical Differentiators document.
isCOBOL Key Technical Differentiators

Core technology - COBOL-to-Java source code translator

Central to the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (APS) is a COBOL-to-Java source code translator -- written entirely in the Java programming language -- that fosters fast response to customer requests and rapid product development. Because of this, partnering with Veryant means having more time and bandwidth to fulfill requirements and deliver the best solutions. The COBOL-to-Java source code translator produces true Java class files, so COBOL programs can use objects written in the Java language and also create objects that can be used by Java programmers as if those objects were written using the Java language.

Completely portable COBOL Application Graphical User Interface (GUI)

With isCOBOL APS, the COBOL application GUI is completely portable and can run anywhere from mainframe to mobile devices. isCOBOL APS was designed with thin client in mind so application GUIs run the same whether running locally or in thin client mode. This includes all text-based and graphical features, windows, controls, properties, and styles.

Flexible Web-enablement options

With isCOBOL Server you can launch a COBOL application from a web browser running on Windows, MacOS, UNIX or Linux. This requires absolutely no code changes or recompiling of the COBOL application and the only software required on the users machine is a Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or later. 

isCOBOL Web Direct provides another Web-enablement option by leveraging AJAX technology to create and run fully interactive COBOL application GUIs inside a web browser in a "zero" client solution that requires only the web browser (no plug-in, ActiveX, Java or any other software needs to be installed on the client machine).

100% portable remote development and debugging

The isCOBOL Compiler and graphical source-level debugger are written 100% in Java and are completely portable. The isCOBOL Debugger provides remote debugging capability with COBOL programs deployed in SOA environments (e.g. Web services), Java Servlets and Transaction Processing Environments (e.g. CICS). This keeps your application source code secure by maintaining it on the development machine, while debugging a program running on a remote production machine.

Robust RDBMS and ISAM data options

Included with the isCOBOL Runtime Environment, isCOBOL ISAM Server provides fast and secure data access, optimum administrative tools and many features typically only found in RDBMS such as dynamic backup, mirroring, server access control (user, file, file operation permission and group based restrictions) and automatic recovery.

The isCOBOL Compiler provides portable RDBMS access via JDBC. This simplifies deployment by eliminating the extra C API layer and the requirement to dynamically load or re-link the runtime with special libraries from the database vendor when deploying, making code updates or moving between database vendors. 

In addition to these benefits, with the isCOBOL ESQL Generator there is no need to change COBOL or to learn ESQL to access a RDBMS. When you run an application, COBOL file I/O operations on data files are routed to the RDBMS via JDBC.
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