Title: What compiler options and properties should I use for mainframe migrations with UniKix?

Here are some guidelines and examples:

Recommended set of isCOBOL compiler options to start with for TPE and BPE projects:

-align=8 -cax -csl -cv -dcmi -di -dv=0 -dz -m1 -pt2 -sa

Note that these options may not suit every application. For example, supplying -dz can actually *break* some applications if you are expecting decimal truncation to occur.

Option to add for using figurative constants QUOTE and QUOTES


Option to add for copybook extensions (like MF COPYEXT)


Option to add to make LINE SEQUENTIAL the default for file SEQUENTIAL


Option to enable IBM mainframe host compatible numeric comparisons


Option to enable IBM mainframe host compatible numeric moves


Option to add for Slide OCCURS DEPENDING ON behavior (like MF ODOSLIDE)


Option to add for Panvalet includes (++INCLUDE statements)


Option to imply record varying size


Option to add for error file


Option to add for listing


Option used in 64-bit projects:


Option to add for debugging:


Option to add to specify an output directory:


Option to remove words from the reserved words list:


Option to specify the copy path


Property setting to look for file names in environment variables


Property setting to allow control characters in line sequential files like the Micro Focus +N runtime switch


Property setting to strip trailing spaces from the lines in line sequential files


Property to set the file status data item and continue execution instead of aborting after a serious file error


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