Title: Does isCOBOL work with Flexus COBOL sp2?

What work is necessary to use Flexus COBOL sp2? Has it been tested?


Yes, this has been tested and a customer application with GUI calls to SP2 functions has successfully run with isCOBOL.
  1. Set iscobol.little_endian=1 and iscobol.dll_convention=0
  2. Compile with the -cp POINTER compatibility compiler option
  3. Force a call to sp2.dll in the COBOL source code or set iscobol.shared_library_list=sp2.dll
If you are using isCOBOL 2008 or older, or do not want to compile with -cp, then make the following changes to your source code:
  1. Change the SP2.def POINTER to X(8) COMP-X
  2. Without -cp, 99% of the SP2 API calls run fine. Some SP2 API calls associated with "set-panel-fields/display-window/get-input" require SP2 to save pointers. In most cases setting SP2SAV=2 allows you to use some functionality of these APIs. Otherwise replace them with the "converse-panel" API.
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