Title: Working with a grid control is there a way to get the double-click event?

Since double click on grid cells make you edit the cell value, the event returned for double click is MSG-BEGIN-ENTRY.

During this event, you can inquire the ENTRY-REASON property in order to distinguish if double click used to edit the cell.

if event-type = msg-begin-entry
   inquire screen1-gd1 entry-reason w-reason | w-reason is pic x(1).
   evaluate w-reason
   when x"00" |double click was used
   when x"0d" |enter was used
   when other |the digit in w-reason was used

In order to receive this event, the grid must not have any PROTECTION. If you wish to avoid cell editing when the event occurs, set EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-FAIL or EVENT-ACTION-FAIL-TERMINATE.

if event-type = msg-begin-entry
   set event-action to event-action-fail
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