Title: How can we avoid to select the way a program will be executed in the IDE each time we want to test it?

The very first time you want to test a program inside the IDE, you right click in the name of the program and then you have to select "Run As" or "Debug As", then you can select any of the different options to run the program, as isCOBOL Application, isCOBOL WD2 Application.

You can avoid to repeat all these steps after the first time just by selecting the program and then press the green Run icon at the top menu:

The IDE "stores" how the program was executed the last time and it will be executed the same way.

In addition, pressing the black down arrow in the same green Run icon, you can find a list of the programs that you have already executed, where it will be possible to select the program that you want to re-test.

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