Title: How to filter the problems view to avoid seeing the errors of so many different programs in a project?

Consider that you have a project like the following, showing errors on 3 programs and one of them have so many errors.

And you want to see the errors of GMCws.cbl and nestedxml.cbl only.

Do the following:
1) Click the down arrow on the Problems view and click the "Configure contents" option

2) The following dialog will appear, set the "Show items that match any configuration checked below" radio button, set the "Configurations:" and the "Scope" as seen below and click [OK]

3) Then if you select the GMCws.cbl and the nestedxml.cbl on the project explorer view (on the left) you will get the errors of those programs only

4) Also, if you select only the soapGMCws.cbl you will see the errors of that program only

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