Title: How to create a report with the IDE Report Designer

Every legacy COBOL application can be improved dramatically by including graphical reports.

isCOBOL users can do this by using the IDE Report Designer.
Several advantages are by using the IDE Report Designer to generate reports, among those:
- Graphical designer integrated in our IDE (WYSWYG)
- Capability to easily include graphical controls to the report
- Capability to easily populate Working-Storage or File variables into the report
- Capability to have a preview automatically (no code needed)
- Capability to export to a PDF file (no code needed)
- Capability to export to an Excel file (no code needed)

Attached you will find a tutorial about how to use the IDE Report Designer.

Additionally, as a complementary material, you can use the below link to watch a youtube video where we also explain how to create a report with the IDE Report Designer.

Also you can find a sample program in the samples included in the IDE installation version 2016 R1 or higher at:
C:/program files or(x86)/veryant/iscobol IDE201RX/sample/projects/report-designer

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