Title: How can I use the F10 key in my application without it changing the keyboard focus?

My application uses the F10 key. However, with isCOBOL the F10 key seems to have some other function such as changing the keyboard focus to the System menu or desktop.


With build 371 and later (including isCOBOL 2008), the default keyboard setting for F10 is:


so the F10 key does not terminate the ACCEPT or change the keyboard focus to the COBOL or System menus. 

If you add the following setting in your isCOBOL configuration file:


then pressing F10 will terminate the ACCEPT with exception value 10 and will not change the keyboard focus to the COBOL or System menus.

Authored by: Veryant Support on Mon, Aug 31st, 2009 at 7:00 PM
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