Title: Is your runtime library backward compatible?


Do I need to recompile in order to run with each new version of iscobol.jar or other runtime libraries that you release? 

I compiled with one build and then upgraded to a later build. When I attempted to run my program I received the following:

com.iscobol.rts.IscobolRuntimeException: This object incompatible with this runtime version: rts=release 2007.1.0 build#309-20070823,obj=254
at com.iscobol.rts.Version.checkVersion(Unknown Source)


Veryant guarantees the backward compatibility of the runtime framework when using official releases. Build 254, for example, is an intermediate build or a temporary fix (t-fix). The isCOBOL 2007 release was build 261.  A program compiled with build 261 can be run by newer builds. 

Note that isCOBOL does not have anything similar to the ACUCOBOL-GT -cXX and -zXX compile options (where XX is the version of the runtime). 

To check the backward compatibility of your program you can use this command:

iscrun -info MYPROGRAM

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