Title: How do I configure the debugger to find source code that is not in CLASSPATH?

My source code and objects are in different directories. I don't want to add the source directories to CLASSPATH. Is there another alternative to allow the debugger to find the source files?


Set the iscobol.debug_code_prefix property to a list of directories that contain your source code. The directories must be separated by the "n" character sequence. Also, remember to use double-backslashes on Windows. 

Since the iscobol.debug_code_prefix is a property used by the debugger itself, set it on the java command line before the GraphDebugger class as in:

java -Discobol.debug_code_prefix=c:\p1\p2 com.iscobol.debugger.GraphDebugger -Discobol.conf=FILENAME PROGRAM 

Or if you are using iscrun -d then set it in the environment. For example:

set debug_code_prefix=c:\p1\p2 
iscrun -d -Discobol.conf=FILENAME PROGRAM
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