Title: Can Veryant recommend a good Web site to find 3rd party JavaBeans?
There are many JavaBean graphical controls available that you can include in a COBOL screen section. For example, ComponentSource has a section devoted to Java components, at http://www.componentsource.com/features/java-components/index.html and there are commercial collections such as ElegantJBeans at http://www.elegantjbeans.com/

There are also free JavaBean controls available. One of the easiest ways to find these is to use Google and search for the capability you require. For example, if you need a data grid control then search for "javabean data grid control". Note that on the web JavaBean is usually one word, but some people put a space "Java Bean". So if you don't find it with "javabean" you might try "java bean". If you have a specific control in mind, let us know and we can make a recommendation. 

It is also possible to integrate with 3rd party Java technologies that are not JavaBeans. Veryant Support can assist you with that if you tell us more about the specific function or feature you want.

Note that isCOBOL APS includes samples for the various ways COBOL can integrate with other Java technologies, and there is a chapter "Introduction to Java-Beans" in the Graphical User Interface Reference.
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