Title: How do I select 11x17 paper size using WIN$PRINTER?

Setting the paper size to WPRT-11x17 does not work. How can I get 11x17 printouts?


In isCOBOL APS, the WIN$PRINTER library routine is implemented using platform independent Java technology that does not support all of the paper sizes. 

The following paper sizes are not supported:

        88 wprt-statement                        value  6.
        88 wprt-11x17                            value 17.
        88 wprt-note                             value 18.
        88 wprt-env_dl                           value 27.
        88 wprt-env_c65                          value 32.
        88 wprt-fanfold_us                       value 39.
        88 wprt-fanfold_std_german               value 40.
        88 wprt-fanfold_lgl_german               value 41.

However, the following two settings ARE supported:

        88 wprt-tabloid                          value  3.
        88 wprt-ledger                           value  4.

wprt-tabloid is "Tabloid 11 x 17 in"
wprt-ledger is "Ledger 17 x 11 in"

So to get 11x17 printouts you can SET WPRT-TABLOID TO TRUE and then call WIN$PRINTER with the WINPRINT-SET-PRINTER-EX operation code.
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