Title: How do I set up isCOBOL to access Vision files?

What do I need to do in order to be able to access Vision files from isCOBOL?


In order to access Vision you need a valid Acucorp runtime license and need to place a special file, runcbl.dll (or libruncbl.so on Unix), in a directory in PATH. (runcbl.dll/libruncbl.so is a specially relinked version of Acucorp's wrun32.dll/libruncbl.a). 

Note that runcbl.dll depends on other DLLs that are in the AcuGT/bin directory. So make sure that AcuGT/bin is in PATH or that those DLLs are in a directory which is in PATH. 

In order to create runcbl.dll yourself you need Microsoft Visual Studio standard edition. In order to create libruncbl.so you need a C compiler and linker. 

If you want Veryant to create this file for you, you need to send us all of the files in your Acucorp lib directory. Also, please tell us exactly which version of ACUCOBOL you have installed and the name and version of the operating system.

For the Linux/Unix platform a File Connector solution is also available. See The Vision File Connector in the isCOBOL documentation for details about the File Connector solution.

Then add the following line to your isCOBOL properties file:



where FileName is the physical name of your file.

The filename part of iscobol.file.index.FileName is the same as the name of the physical file except that it is all lowercase. 

For example, if you have:

select mylogicalfile assign to "MyPhysicalFile" 

then you would set: 


Note that if you have iscobol.file_suffix=DAT you must specify the file extension in all lowercase in the iscobol.file.index.FileName variable. For example: 

iscobol.file_suffix=DAT iscobol.file.index.myphysicalfile.dat=vision

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