How do I connect to a MS SQL 2005 Named Instance?

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Created on 2009-09-30 at 11:58 AM
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What should I do if I have more than one MS SQL 2005 Server instance in the same computer/server, and I want to connect to any of its named instances and not to the default one?


Make sure you have followed the general instructions on the article called "How do I set up isCOBOL ESQL Generator for use with Microsoft SQL Server? " before applying the specifics described below. 

Use the "SQL Server Configuration Manager" software that comes with your MS SQL 2005 product and follow these steps: 

1) Click SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration

2) Double-click Protocols for myNamedInstance 

3) Enable TCP/IP protocol (right-click TCP/IP, enable) 

4) Double-click TCP/IP (to view its properties) 

5) Click IP Addresses tab 

6) Go to IPAll section, change the TCP Port to 1435 (or any other available TCP/IP port) 

7) Click OK to save configuration 

Change the jdbc.url setting in the as follows: 

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