Generate stopped working after upgrading the isCOBOL IDE

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Created on 2010-01-12 at 2:18 PM
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isCOBOL IDE 2009 SP1 introduced a new feature called "Regenerate tagged areas only" which is enabled by default.

The IDE reads generated .cbl files and preserves the code outside of the tagged areas. This means that you can modify the generated .cbl files and your modifications will be preserved as long as they are outside of the tagged areas. For example, you can add or modify code in between the END {isCOBOL}initial-routines tag and the BEGIN {isCOBOL}run-main-screen tag.

      * BEGIN {isCOBOL}initial-routines
           perform is-initial-routine.
      * END {isCOBOL}initial-routines

      * Insert your custom code here

      * BEGIN {isCOBOL}run-main-screen
           perform is-screen-1-routine.
      * END {isCOBOL}run-main-screen

If you have .cbl files that were generated with an older version of the isCOBOL IDE these files do not have any BEGIN {isCOBOL} or END {isCOBOL} tags. So when the newer version of the IDE goes to regenerate these files it will not see anything to generate since it considers all of the code to be outside of tagged areas. So the IDE generate step has no effect.

In order to use these older generated .cbl files with the newer IDE, you must uncheck the check-box "Regenerate tagged area only" in "Windows : Preferences : isCOBOL : Code Generator" settings page.

An alternative solution is to delete the old generated .cbl files and then regenerate them with the newer IDE.

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