Did you know isCOBOL IDE allows you to easily understand how to invoke a method in a Java Class?

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Created on 2016-02-01 at 2:42 AM
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IsCOBOL supports OO (Object Oriented syntax) that allows you to invoke a Method in a Java Class. To have additional help on writing the cobol code, isCOBOL IDE helps with its integrated isCOBOL Editor.
For example, to know the operating system where Java is running, we can invoke the “getProperty” method in “java.lang.System” class passing “os.name” as parameter.

              set buffer = Sys:>getProperty("os.name")

In the isCOBOL IDE, after writing “Sys:>” the list of available methods shows up and by choosing a method in the list, the JavaDoc explains what that method does (see the screen shot below).

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