Is there a way to have single set of source code that will compile with both ACUCOBOL and isCOBOL?

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Created on 2009-08-28 at 2:30 PM
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I have a program that used LOCK THREAD which is not supported with isCOBOL. The solution was to use the SYNCHRONIZED statement instead. With LOCK THREAD, my program won't compile with isCOBOL. With SYNCHRONIZED, it won't compile with acu. What can I do in order to have the same source code compile with both acu and isCOBOL?


Try coding the LOCK THREAD this way:
      * lock thread | acu
            synchronized | isc
      * unlock thread | acu
            end-synchronized | isc
Then you can compile with isCOBOL without additional options, and compile with ACUCOBOL using options -sx isc -si acu.

Another alternative is to use Micro Focus or IBM style conditional compilation directives.

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