How to create groups of fields on the IDE screen painter, that use the same area on the screen, but visible at different moments?

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Created on 2017-06-19 at 3:13 AM
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Suppose you have 4 GUI controls as seen on the following screen, and you want the "Code" label and the code-entry-field to appear alone in one moment and the "Yes/No?" check-box with the combo-box to appear without the entry-field on a different moment.

1) Start by right clicking on an empty area of the painted screen and select the "Group Item Designer" menu option and you will get the editor shown on the second screen

2) Click on the "+" button to create a new group. Do it twice to create 2 groups for this case.

3) Use the down arrow button to move the items down, so they appear below each group you created.

4) Then use the right arrow button on each item to include them on each group

5) Then create a visible variable for each group (ef-visible & cb-combo-visible) as seen on the following screens

6) Then on your procedural code, when you want one group to disappear, move 0 to visible variable and move 1 to visible variable of the other group and display the screen again. In the following example one paragraph is available for each case and your code would perform one or the other accordingly.

      Move 0 to cb-combo-visible
      Move 1 to ef-visible
      Display screen-1.

      Move 1 to cb-combo-visible
      Move 0 to ef-visible
      Display screen-1.

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