How may I display a notification window that requires no user intervention?

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The display window syntax has been extended to allow you to use a display notification window in order to display an undecorated window, to notify the user about events that will or are happening on your program.

Such window does not require and does not admit the use of an accept statement upon it.

The following is a sample snippet to display a notification window that would disappear automatically after 5 seconds of being displayed.

    display notification window
            top right
            lines 5
            size 35
            before time 550
            visible 0
            handle h-notif.

You may select the location of the notification window from 4 different locations which are the 4 corners of the screen: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.

The before time clause is optional so that the notification window may continue to be displayed until the program finishes its execution.

Once the notification window is displayed, you may display any screen section screen upon it or display a series of GUI controls upon it as well.

The following snippet shows how to display a series of GUI controls upon it.

     display label
             line 2 
             col  3
             title "This is a notification window..."
             upon h-notif.
     display label
             line 4 
             col 3
             title "The notification will close in 5 seconds"
             upon h-notif

Please use the attached full small sample program to test showing a notification window on any of the corners of the screen.

You may compile the program simply with:

  iscc  notif.cbl
And then run it simply with:
  iscrun  NOTIF  1
Optionally pass one parameter to the execution, a number between 1 and 5 in order to select the location of the notification window. The number 5 is for a before time type of notification window.

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