Do isCOBOL GUI Screens have resizing capabilities?

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Yes, starting with isCOBOL 2019R2, all the isCOBOL GUI, Graphical windows, Screen Programs or isCOBOL WOW programs generated by the IDE can take advantage of an easy to use and low impact layout manager to handle application resizing.
Simply by setting the configuration setting:

the new Zoom Layout manager is activated, windows automatically become resizable, and all controls are adjusted in size when increasing the window width, and in font size when increasing the window height.
This behavior is completely automatic, requiring no effort from developers.
All that is needed to enable this behavior is to set a configuration property.

This helps to quickly and easily to solve the resizing issues of running applications on a variety of monitors with different sizes and resolutions, with zero code changes.
Individual windows can be targeted by enabling the LM-ZOOM layout manager in the display window statement, as shown in the code below.

    working-storage section.
    77 zoom-layout handle of layout-manager, lm-zoom.
    procedure division.
      display standard graphical window resizable
                   layout-manager zoom-layout
The picture below shows how the program runs at startup, before the user resizes the window.

The picture below shows how the GUI looks like after the user stretches the window horizontally.

The picture below shows how the GUI reacts after the window is resized both horizontally and vertically.

You can test this new feature by running our Samples program. Go to:

Start > All Programs > isCOBOL2019R2 and double click isCOBOL Samples
You will see the below screen:

Then press enter, press F5 or double click the Zoom Layout item of the tree-view to start the program.

As usual you can also see and take advantage of the source code of this sample program by pressing the View Source push button or by pressing F2.

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