What is the best way to retrieve XML via HTTP?

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Suppose I want to retrieve XML with an HTTP request given a particular URL. What is the easiest or best way to do this? Please provide a sample program.


isCOBOL APS provides an internal object named com.iscobol.rts.XMLStream that allows a COBOL program to easily read and write XML files and streams. XMLStream is documented in the isCOBOL APS Language Reference Guide. 

Example code is provided in the sample directory installed with isCOBOL APS (sample/issamples/s-objects/xml.cbl). You can view the source and execute the sample program by running "isCOBOL samples" from the Start Menu and clicking on the Objects tab. 

In addition, isCOBOL APS gives COBOL programs the full array of XML APIs and tools available to a Java programmer. See http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/xml/ and

For example, to parse local XML files or XML from a URL a COBOL program can take advantage of a Java package named JDOM (http://www.jdom.org/). 

With JDOM you can parse a local file or a remote file from a URL.

Click here for a sample program that demonstrates how to retrieve an XML document from a URL and parse the XML using JDOM.

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