Does Veryant provide a plugin to Eclipse or did Veryant customize Eclipse to be the IDE for isCOBOL?

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Created on 2009-08-31 at 5:46 PM
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Veryant provides both an Eclipse plugin which can be installed within any Eclipse-based IDE, and also a complete Eclipse-based IDE, the isCOBOL IDE, which is Eclipse version 3.5 with the isCOBOL plugin already installed.

The isCOBOL plugin for Eclipse is primarily for developers who already use Eclipse and want to add isCOBOL IDE functionality. From within any Eclipse-based IDE it is possible to add the isCOBOL IDE functionality using Veryant's update site URL from Install New Software (or Software Updates) in the Help menu.

The Eclipse-based isCOBOL IDE is for COBOL developers who are new to Eclipse or who want only the COBOL development features to begin with. Other features can be added later on through Software Updates in the Help menu. The isCOBOL IDE can be downloaded from download page.

The isCOBOL IDE plugin is listed on under Languages.

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