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Created on 2009-09-02 at 12:59 PM
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There is no isCOBOL Project option in the New menu, and I get the following error when I try to switch to the isCOBOL Perspective in the Eclipse based isCOBOL IDE:

Could not create the view: Plug-in com.iscobol.plugins.editor.IscobolEditor was unable to load class com.iscobol.plugins.editor.views.IscobolNavigator. 

What could be the problem?
How do I troubleshoot issues with the behavior or functionality of Eclipse or the isCOBOL IDE?


If the isCOBOL IDE behaved correctly on a previous run, and especially if it stopped working after installing, updating or removing a plugin, then the problem may be caused by inconsistent or invalid cached data.

To clear all cached data restart the isCOBOL IDE specifying the -clean command line option. For example, make a copy of the isCOBOL IDE shortcut and name it "isCOBOL IDE Clean". Edit the shortcut's properties and add -clean to the end of the command in the Target field. Or from a command prompt cd into the isCOBOL IDE program directory and executeisIDE -clean.

Note that -clean is an Eclipse runtime command line option. So it can be used with any Eclipse-based IDE.

If -clean does not resolve the problem then the next place to look is the Error Log view. To show it click on the Error Log tab in the bottom panel of the IDE. If the Error Log View is not showing then select from the menubar Window -> Show View -> Error Log (or "Other..." and select "Error Log" from the list)

In the Error Log view double-click on the top error which is the most recent. In the Event Details dialog scroll down to the bottom of the Exception Stack Trace to see the cause of the error.

If the error is caused by "Missing License!" then make sure that the file on the current drive contains the proper license key property setting. For example:


Look for these key values in the license email or file you received from Veryant.

In the Event Details dialog you can click on the down arrow button to view the details for the next most recent error.

If you need assistance interpreting an error message and/or fixing the cause of an error, send the Exception Stack Trace from the Event Details dialog to Veryant's support team and feel free to search the Web.

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