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Question Title Example of COBOL using Java classes to get date and time zone information

The attached program 'calendar.cbl' uses OOP to return information about a passed date and the current time using the java.util.GregorianCalendar and other related classes.
You can compile and run it as follows:

   iscc calendar.cbl
   iscrun CALENDAR 
For instance, running the program with this command:
   iscrun CALENDAR 20230215
returns this information:
   Getting information for 20230215
   ERA: 1
   YEAR: 2023
   MONTH: 1
   DATE: 15
   DAY_OF_YEAR: 46

   Getting information for current time
   AM_PM: 0
   HOUR: 9
   MINUTE: 40
   SECOND: 15
This program was based on the attached Java example, also found here:

The DAY_OF_WEEK in the example above is '4', which means it's a Wednesday.

Another way to get the text of the day of the week is to use java.time classes.
You can compile and run this attached sample as follows:

   iscc day-of-week.cbl
   iscrun DAY_OF_WEEK 
The output for February 15, 2023 is WEDNESDAY.

Another way to work with the date and day is using isCOBOL and intrinsic functions.
Knowledge Base Article # 336 talks about how to manipulate dates using intrinsic functions.
The sample programs installed in $ISCOBOL/sample/is-java/iscobol-uses-cobol-object shows how to use these intrinsic functions in class-id programs, creating COBOL objects that can then be used in programs using OOP, similar to how the examples in this KB article use native Java objects.

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