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Question Title Why do I get "File not valid" when I run the debugger?

Say I have the following structure:
the obj directory is where I want my class files to go, and myprog.cbl has COPY "mycpy.def"

Suppose I compile from the top directory with: 

iscc -sp=cpy -od=obj src/myprog.cbl 

When I try to debug the program from the obj directory with "isrun -d MYPROG" the debugger reports the "File not valid" error even if "iscobol.debug_code_prefix=src;cpy" or "iscobol.debug_code_prefix=/top/src;/top/cpy" and even if CLASSPATH has ";src;cpy" or ";/top/src;/top/cpy"


This is because you compiled with "-sp=cpy" and the debugger searches each of the directories in CLASSPATH and iscobol.debug_code_prefix for "cpy/mycpy.def" not for "mycpy.def"

There are two ways to eliminate this error:
  1. Specify the full path to your copybook directories in the -sp value
  2. Add the path of the parent directory to CLASSPATH or iscobol.debug_code_prefix
Note that with option 2 you do NOT add the copy directories themselves to the CLASSPATH or iscobol.debug_code_prefix. Instead, you add the absolute or relative path of the parent directory.

In the above example, the debugger searches for "cpy/mycpy.def" so you would add "/top" to CLASSPATH or iscobol.debug_code_prefix. The debugger will search for "cpy/mycpy.def" in "/top", thus "/top/cpy/mycpy.def" and will then be able to find the file.
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