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Question Title What are all of the options for a COBOL program to read and write XML files?

My program uses AcuXML to write out an XML file by treating XML as a file system replacement. My program creates and writes the file just as if it was an indexed file, but AcuXML writes it out as XML behind the scenes.
Do you have such a technology?
What are all of the options an isCOBOL program to read and write XML?


isCOBOL fully supports the IBM COBOL XML PARSE and GENERATE syntax and provides an internal object named com.iscobol.rts.XMLStream that allows a COBOL program to easily read and write XML files and streams. XML PARSE/GENERATE and XMLStream are documented in the isCOBOL Language Reference Manual, and example code for XMLStream is provided in the sample directory installed with isCOBOL (i.e. sampleissampless-objectsxml.cbl)

In addition, isCOBOL gives COBOL programs the full array of XML APIs and tools available to a Java programmer ( and 

For example, to parse local XML files or XML from a URL a COBOL program can take advantage of a Java package named JDOM (

isCOBOL supports also the the C$XML routine that allows to deal with XML documents. It allows to parse documents and change their content as well as create new documents from scratch.

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