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Veryant Announces new isCOBOL version.

isCOBOL Evolve 2012 Release 1 is now available.

Veryant proudly announces the newest isCOBOL release, isCOBOL Evolve 2012 Release 1 (R1). isCOBOL 2012 R1 includes a new product called isCOBOL UDBC Server, several enhancements to the isCOBOL IDE, to the Utilities and to the isCOBOL Server product; isCOBOL 2012 R1 also includes many debugger improvements, and other new features.
Details on these enhancements and updates are included below:
  • isCOBOL Universal Database Connector (UDBC) Server.
    The isCOBOL UDBC Server product allows developers to access indexed files hosted by the isCOBOL File Server as if they were a relational database. This enables organizations to benefit from modern productivity tools designed for relational databases without having to restructure or migrate existing data.

    isCOBOL UDBC Server includes an ODBC and JDBC driver for all supported isCOBOL file systems, including isCOBOL JISAM. The product also offers Server-side SQL processing and includes a GUI utility to manage configurations and a command-line SQL interpreter utility.

  • isCOBOL IDE Enhancements.
    Numerous enhancements were made to the isCOBOL IDE in the 2012 R1 release, including:
    • The ability to show working-storage section and file section variables automatically in the Variables view.
    • The ability to add and modify customize keyboard accelerators for actions such as toggling comments, compiling and running. This is done by selecting "Window" in the menu bar, then "Preferences". In the tree on the left expand "General" and select "Keys". There a developer can manage shortcuts.
    • The ability to integrate with and generate isCOBOL Database Bridge programs from the isCOBOL IDE.
    • The ability to start with the last property edited in the previous control when editing the properties for a new control.

  • Enhanced compatibility with Micro Focus extend (formerly ACUCOBOL-GT).
    Additional compatibility with Micro Focus extend (formerly ACUCOBOL-GT was added in isCOBOL 2012 R1) to further simplify transitions to the isCOBOL Evolve platform, including:
    • The ability to display two titles in the same DISPLAY BOX.
    • New compiler options, -sevc and-dcdm.

  • Debugger Improvements.
    Improvements to the isCOBOL Debugger in 2012 R1 include:
    • The ability to customize command names and keyboard accelerators.
    • Support for complex conditions in breakpoints.
    • Version checking between client and Remote Debugger.

  • New graphical and character user interface features.
    Enhancements to graphical and character user interface features include:
    • The ability to copy/paste with a mouse, similar to putty.
    • The ability to configure whether docking windows are boxed.
    • New List-Box Properties.
    • Grid allows now to sort dates.
    • New Grid properties to retrieve the current row position in grid after sort.
    • New properties, to set the color of disabled and read-only fields.

  • Enhancements to XML2WRK utility and the XMLStream class.
    • iscobol.xmlstream.indent_number. The XMLStream write methods will indent the output according to the value of this property.
    • iscobol.xmlstream.omit_empty_elements. To omit empty elements from the XML output, set this property to true.
    • setFileName, getPrintWriter .It is now possible to set the filename, get the PrintWriter and write the XML output.
    • The XML2WRK utility has 2 additional command line parameters: Prefix, to specify a string to prepend to each element name; disambiguate_flag, to generate long names which are guaranteed to be unique.

  • Enhancements to isCOBOL Server and Thin Client.
    Many enhancements were made to isCOBOL Server, including:
    • The ability to load server-side printer fonts.
    • The ability to store custom information with the new routine A$USERINFO, these info are shown in the isCOBOL Server Panel.
    • The panel shows the count of connected users and opened files and allows to terminate non-responding clients with a forced kill.

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isCOBOL acts as a bridge between the old and new at Donatos, enabling us to minimize the impact of our migration to Java by allowing users to continue using a familiar application while providing the flexibility and freedom to execute a transition plan on the company's timetable.
Mike Born, software development manager, Donatos

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