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Rapid application development COBOL file tool

Veryant Database Bridge (formerly named 'Veryant ESQL Generator') is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that reads a specified COBOL file description from existing COBOL source files and generates an isCOBOL or vCOBOL file system interface implemented with Embedded Structured Query Language (ESQL) in COBOL.


· Generates a COBOL file system interface implemented with embedded SQL
·Enables COBOL programs to interact with a RDBMS without changing COBOL source code or learning ESQL
· Requires no relinking runtime libraries or implementing of an additional layer between your application and the database driver

A seamless move from ISAM to RDBMS

If your organization wants to move from ISAM to a RDBMS such as Oracle or MySQL, Veryant Database Bridge can be used to generate an isCOBOL or vCOBOL file system interface implemented with embedded SQL in COBOL -- there is no need to change COBOL source code or to learn ESQL. When an isCOBOL Evolve program is run, COBOL file I/O operations are routed through the generated COBOL/ESQL interface which talks to the RDBMS through the JDBC driver provided by the database vendor.
This method often proves better than implementing middleware interfaces which gain access through a proprietary C interface or other layer and can hinder performance and potentially cause confusion during RDBMS support calls. Veryant Database Bridge enables open access to the COBOL/ESQL source code which becomes part of an application. With Veryant Database Bridge there is no need to relink runtime libraries or implement an additional layer between your application and the database driver.

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isCOBOL acts as a bridge between the old and new at Donatos, enabling us to minimize the impact of our migration to Java by allowing users to continue using a familiar application while providing the flexibility and freedom to execute a transition plan on the company's timetable.
Mike Born, software development manager, Donatos

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