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isCOBOL Enterprise Information System (EIS), a brand new product, is included in our latest release

isCOBOL Evolve 2014 Release 1 now available

Veryant is pleased to announce the latest release of isCOBOL™ Evolve, isCOBOL Evolve 2014 R1.
isCOBOL Evolve provides a complete environment for the development, deployment, maintenance, and modernization of COBOL applications. isCOBOL 2014 R1 includes a new product named isCOBOL EIS (Enterprise Information System), several enhancements to the isCOBOL IDE and the Utilities and several optimizations in the isCOBOL Server product; isCOBOL 2014 R1 also includes many Debugger improvements, and other new features
Release Highlights
isCOBOL 2014 R1 includes several new advances:
  • Enhanced IDE
    isCOBOL IDE has been created on top of Eclipse KEPLER 4.3 to provide a
    state-of-the-art Integrated Development Environment. Starting from isCOBOL 2014R1, the isCOBOL IDE will be available also for Linux and Apple Mac OSX.

  • New User Interface features
    Enhanced message box, new properties on grid control to hide columns from a pop-up menu, new events on grid and tree-view controls to navigate outside the control, enhanced W$MOUSE and W$MENU library routines for the SET-MOUSE-SHAPE support, new routine “J$GETFROMLAF" to return fonts and colors from the current LAF, and more....

  • Compatibility with other COBOL vendors
    Many areas of the isCOBOL's compiler and runtime, were enhanced to better support special syntax of AcuCOBOL-GT, Micro Focus COBOL and RM/COBOL. Also starting from this release, isCOBOL's compiler is able to support MBP COBOL sign encoding.

  • isCOBOL Enterprise Information System (EIS)
    An umbrella of tools and features for Web Applications. Support for REST/SOAP Web Services, JSON/XML stream , COBOL Servlet and HTTP is provided now. isCOBOL developers can also design HTML5 User Interface for rich client application. Click here to learn more.

Additional details on these features and advances in isCOBOL 2014 R1 can be found in the isCOBOL Evolve 2014 Release 1 Overview
Learn more about isCOBOL Evolve

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isCOBOL acts as a bridge between the old and new at Donatos, enabling us to minimize the impact of our migration to Java by allowing users to continue using a familiar application while providing the flexibility and freedom to execute a transition plan on the company's timetable.
Mike Born, software development manager, Donatos

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