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  1. How do I resolve the error: Launching has encountered a problem - An internal error occurred during: "Launching ___". com/iscobol/rts/IscobolClass? (viewed 37381 times)
  2. How do I resolve the error "Unhandled event loop exception"? (viewed 18584 times)
  3. How do I set up a CVS repository and access it from Eclipse and the isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 15503 times)
  4. isCOBOL IDE or Eclipse error "Workspace in use or cannot be created, choose a different one" (viewed 7690 times)
  5. isCOBOL IDE Eclipse Troubleshooting (viewed 6032 times)
  6. Does Veryant provide a plugin to Eclipse or did Veryant customize Eclipse to be the IDE for isCOBOL? (viewed 5281 times)
  7. What are the steps to add an external tool or integrate a utility such as JDBC2FD into the isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 4991 times)
  8. Can you recommend a book for learning the Eclipse based isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 4954 times)
  9. How do I set up isCOBOL IDE on Windows to edit, compile and debug existing source code on a UNIX/Linux box? (viewed 4452 times)
  10. Generate stopped working after upgrading the isCOBOL IDE (viewed 4447 times)
  11. What is the current working directory when I launch my program from the IDE? (viewed 4314 times)
  12. How do I configure the IDE to put logs and other files in separate project folders? (viewed 4090 times)
  13. How do I install new plugins received from Veryant Support? (viewed 4045 times)
  14. How can I work with the java property 'file.encoding' inside the isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 1712 times)
  15. Did you know how to generate and compile an isCOBOL IDE workspace in background-mode? (viewed 854 times)
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