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  1. How do I install support for Subversion (SVN) in Eclipse or isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 4380 times)
  2. On which version of Eclipse are the isCOBOL 's built? (viewed 4046 times)
  3. Toggling comments in the properties file editor (viewed 2968 times)
  4. Is there a way to stop the pop up from coming up when I start to type in code in the program? (viewed 2768 times)
  5. Were you aware of the ability of "block selection" in the isCOBOL Editor under Eclipse? (viewed 967 times)
  6. Did you know you can compare text files using the isCOBOL IDE? (viewed 833 times)
  7. How can we avoid to select the way a program will be executed in the IDE each time we want to test it? (viewed 59 times)
  8. How to create groups of fields on the IDE screen painter, that use the same area on the screen, but visible at different moments? (viewed 32 times)
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