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  1. File Types Comparison : isCOBOL - Micro Focus COBOL - ACUCOBOL-GT - RM/COBOL (viewed 13310 times)
  2. How do I interpret file status 9? and other EXFS extended file status codes (e.g. 9i,105)? (viewed 12200 times)
  3. What format does isCOBOL use for ORGANIZATION RELATIVE files? (viewed 8614 times)
  4. What is 9l,10 error and why is it happening? (viewed 8190 times)
  5. Does isCOBOL support Data General file status codes? (viewed 7565 times)
  6. Can I install the UDBC 32 bit on my 64 bit computer in order to have the Veryant * driver for ODBC32 bits Administrator? (viewed 6982 times)
  7. Can I call a stored procedure from an isCobol program? (viewed 6718 times)
  8. Why do I get the error message “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ctree2" ? (viewed 6539 times)
  9. Are Veryant's isCOBOL JISAM data format the same as Faircom's c-treeRTG? (viewed 6323 times)
  10. Why do I get 'ct_init ERROR 19:133:0' ? (viewed 6257 times)
  11. Did you know you can use an alias to map a different disk file name to an existing "assign to" clause of the select statement without source code changes? (viewed 4678 times)
  12. Did you know you can encrypt an indexed file? (viewed 4468 times)
  13. Handling the extension on indexed data files (viewed 3461 times)
  14. How to hide the user and password used to connect to an RDBMS (viewed 3259 times)
  15. Can we use Micro Focus format data and indexed files directly or do they need some form of conversion? (viewed 3203 times)
  16. How to access files on a different server (viewed 899 times)
  17. How to create, write, and read to files without a program (viewed 796 times)
  18. Managing the order of the alternate keys in an indexed file (viewed 213 times)
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Category - c-treeRTG (SQL feature ) c-treeRTG (SQL feature ) (3)
Category - COBOL/ESQL and Veryant ESQL Generator COBOL/ESQL and Veryant ESQL Generator (10)
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