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Question Title Does Veryant have any performance benchmarks for isCOBOL?
Performance is a point that is always relevant and important when considering moving to isCOBOL. Veryant takes performance issues very seriously and quickly reacts by either correcting the products or finding a solution that is acceptable to the customer. In additional to that, Veryant is actively and constantly working on improving the performance of our products.

Veryant has run benchmark tests of isCOBOL against other COBOL environments for QA and R&D purposes. However, those benchmarks are not published as they are not believable nor relevant to our customers. They are not believable because any benchmarks produced by a vendor will always have a bias in favor of the vendorís products. Isolated benchmarks do not paint the whole picture and the results are heavily influenced by the settings of the environment and the testersí familiarity with the products being compared. They are not relevant because performance of an application depends on many factors, not just the isCOBOL runtime environment (of which the JRE is integral part). The best approach is to address performance bottlenecks in the context of a particular application.

Instead of providing benchmarks that have a limited value to our customers, we would rather work with them on producing a concrete POC or pilot of their applications that will demonstrate how well they will perform using isCOBOL.

You are always welcome to request references from our customer base that will confirm that isCOBOL performs as well or better than previous COBOL tools.
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